I’m a sucker for doughnuts, and when my friend, Ate Pink, told me that there’s this place in Brooklyn called Dough, I immediately said “Yes, let’s go!”

And so we did.

Located in 448 Lafayette Ave, Brooklyn, and other locations around the city, Dough seemed to be quiet when we went there. That made me appreciate the fast service, though!

According to their website, their doughnuts are handmade with love and care. Workers passionately master the craft of doughnut making through a hands-on approach that focuses on freshness and fullness of flavor.

Additionally, Dough’s doughnuts are made in small batches throughout the day to ensure that they are always fresh for customers to enjoy.

Dough was founded in 2010 by Chef, Fany Gerson, as a celebration of the doughnut. Inspired by her Mexican heritage as well as European influences, Fany set out to craft an iconic version of this classic treat.

After months of work in the kitchen perfecting her recipe, Fany now provides the world with a unique, refined doughnut that strikes the perfect balance of flavor and texture.

I got the Chocolate-Cocoa Nib (top left), Dulce de Leche with Almonds (top right), Plain Glazed (bottom left), and the Salted Chocolate Caramel (bottom right).

Now, it’s time to individually review the doughnuts that I got!

Fourth place: Salted Chocolate Caramel.

I love anything salted, chocolate, and caramel but these three flavors combined on a doughnut made me very interested. The chocolate was very sticky and you couldn’t really hold it without chocolate getting on your face. The flavor wasn’t too special, it just seemed like a sticky chocolate doughnut.

Third place: Chocolate-Cocoa Nib

It tasted like your classic chocolate doughnut. The dough was perfect and every bite was delicious.

Second place: Plain Glazed

I mean…if you’re serving doughnuts, you MUST serve EXCELLENT plain glazed doughnuts, am I right? And they did!

First place: Dulce de Leche with Almonds

Whoa…this doughnut though?! It was too good for my taste. I like Dulce de Leche a lot, and having it on a doughnut just made me incredibly happy. It didn’t disappoint! Try it and you will believe what I’m saying!

Overall, it was a great experience. Although the prices were pretty average for New York City, Dough still deserves a pat on the back for serving really good dough, though! (Pun intended. LOL!)

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