NYC Restaurant Week: Benchmark Restaurant

Who would miss NYC Restaurant Week? A three-course meal for a very affordable price? Ummm, yes, please!

Connor and I eat out a lot. I was just scrolling through my phone’s gallery the other night looking for stuff to post on my Instagram page, and saw a TON of food pictures. I was a little bit surprised, though I know I shouldn’t have been!

The process of looking for a restaurant to dine at has always been tough for us. It would take us a minimum of thirty minutes to decide, which is already kind of a miracle, to a whopping two days. Connor and I chose The Benchmark Restaurant in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Fun fact: Between the ’20s & ’40s, the space that now occupies Benchmark was used as an icehouse and major way station for goods that that arrived on the banks of the Gowanas Canal. While excavating, several “benchmarks” (surveyor’s marks) were found, along with architects’ tools, some of which are displayed on the restaurant’s walls. Benchmark’s rich history and naturally rustic interior is enhanced by warm exposed brick, arched windows and spacious garden seating. Interesting!

The ambiance was great, but the only thing I didn’t like was how the lighting wasn’t sufficient to take good photos. I had to post-process through Lightroom to fix it. I was contemplating on bringing my flash, but I figured that it’s NOT a good idea. It’s too disruptive of other diners! Bad restaurant lighting is sort of like a pet peeve of mine! Now, on to the meal itself!

For $42/person, you get an appetizer, main course, and dessert. So, definitely expect to get full! Benchmark Restaurant serves American cuisine focused on pasture-raised animals and local-grown produce. That’s a BIG plus. They served as bread and this indescribable spread — Connor and I had no clue what it was, so we just called it ‘good’. Haha!

Look at this cutie with his drink!

The appetizers came just at the right time. We had already asked for another plate of bread and munching on those freebies was pretty fun! We shared Seared Sea Scallops and Organic Seasonal Lettuces which was UH-MAZING!

It was only a matter of three minutes until we devoured those appetizers! Then the entrees came and we both got the same thing — the Char-Broiled Filet Mignon (see featured image). And as expected, it was really, really good. We thought there should’ve been more meat, though. Maybe they were cutting down because of Restaurant Week? Probably. But it doesn’t matter too much, it was still good!

And lastly, the desserts. We shared the Apple & Pear Tart topped with Gelato and something we were curious and excited about — the Cookie Dough Egg Roll. It was a show stopper! You should definitely go try it.

We were both so full at the end of the night that we didn’t want to take the train home. So… Uber to the rescue! Over-all, it was a great meal! My first Restaurant Week will be fondly remembered. Thanks, Benchmark Restaurant!

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